Season 1, Episode 1: The J. Edgar Hoover Pin Story


"Where's the luckiest woman in the world?" -Payne
"Under Denzel Washington." -Connie

"That pins means so much to me. It was given to my grandfather by J. Edgar Hoover." -Mrs. Aubrey
"The J. Edgar Hoover." -Payne
"Yes." -Mrs. Aubrey
"I knew he wore dresses. I had no idea he accessorized." -Payne

"No man, no sex, no jewelry. The three nos a woman hates the most." -Payne

"Nineteen years ago today I grabbed this breast for the first time. As firm as the day I met her." -Payne


Written by Gail Parent, Directed by Dorothy Lyman

Guest starring Gretchen German as Carol Aubrey. Guest stars Raymond Ma as Fish Guy, Simon Harvey as Man. Co-starring Jill Walter as Guest.